History of Castle ruins

The castle ruin Lobstädt



History of Castle ruins


Lobstädt is located in the district of Leipzig in Saxony. The small town was incorporated on 01 April 2008 and is thus part of the municipality Neukieritzsch. Lobstädt was first mentioned in documents in 1299. The present castle ruins Lobstädt was originally a medieval moated castle, they secured the ford across the splices. Later, the castle became a manor. 1445 Lobstädt castle was first mentioned. It was built by the renowned noble family Könneritz as a family in Ranaissance, classicism style. Alterations to the castle took place in the 19th century. The manor house of the castle is in ruins and not accessible. Part of the building has been given by and collapsed. The associated farm buildings have been renovated and are inhabited. The former manor park has become overgrown and only partially preserved.

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