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History of Castle Miranda




The Miranda Castle, known in French as well as sounds or Cháteau Miranda Castle stands in Celles, in the province of Namur in Belgium. Miranda Castle is a castle in the 19th century. In 1866 the castle was designed and built by the end of the French Revolution by the English architect Edward Milner on behalf of the Liedekerke Beaufort family. The family had their previous home VEVES leave the castle and was in 1792 fled to a remote farm in the forest on the outskirts of the village during the French Revolution. Count Liderkerke-Beaufort and his family were very much involved in the former Belgian politics. The Miranda castle was used by the family as a summer residence and it was boasted the beautiful gardens. The Miranda Castle is a castle with many towers and conical roofs, windows 500 and Neo Gothic details. The English architect Milner could not finish the castle, after his death, the castle was built by the French architect Pelchner further. 1903, the Clock Tower was completed, it is 183 meters high. 1907 All works were completed at the castle and completed. During World War II the Miranda Castle was briefly occupied by German troops during the Battle of the Bulge and was also fought on the property. The descendants of Liedekerke-Beaufort family remained there until after the Second World War. From 1950, it took the National Railway Company of Belgium as a way house and summer camp for children health damage suffered. It was equipped with 200 seats and the "summer camps" were the Indians protection, fresh air, a playground and healthy eating. The weiblischen officials led a tight ship and all the children were begleidet uniform. Between the outbuildings of a small football pitch and the fountain in the garden was transformed into a swimming pool. Among the children there were many different nationalities and language regions. Also it remained until 1980 continued as a facility for children as a holiday camp for outdoor activities and recreational sports and was known in Belgium. In the 1990 Ahren the owners sought investors with a desire to leave the castle converted into a hotel. However, since the cost of maintenance and Moderisierung were too high failed plans. Since 1991, the Miranda Castle stands empty, although the municipality Celles had offered to take it over, but the family had refused until now to sell it. 1995 zerstörrte a fire part of the roof. 2006 brought a violent storm, the remaining roof partially collapsed. The buildings are in a dilapidated condition and Miranda Castle has become a popular meeting place for urban explorers. The former holiday camp expires zusehens and has especially suffered from severe vandalism. Also a lot of material was removed from the interior of the castle and reused in another castle. Despite the bad condition of the Miranda Castle exudes a distinctive beauty. As of December 2013, the owners, today's heirs of the castle, the license is to be demolished. The citizens of the municipality of Celles protest.
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