The Discovery Iceland

The History
Discovery Iceland is an island in Bay Lake and is 11.5 hectares. The island is owned by the Walt Disney Company and the park was open from 1974 to 1999 for visitors. The theme of the park were the animals, they should be something special for visitors. The guests got many Erten of wild animals and birds to see. The original name of the island was "Raz Iceland" who lived in the early 1900s, she was named after the family there at the time. Delmar Nicholson bought the island in the late 1930s for $ 800 and renamed it "Idle Isle Bay" and lived there for 20 years with his wife. Later, the island was used at another sale under the name "Riles Iceland" as a hunting residence. 1965 Disney bought the island before the construction of the Walt Disney World Resord and renamed it again to undeveloped in "Blackbeard Iceland" and the island remained until 1974. The Buena Vista Construction Campany added almost 15,000 cubic meters of earth, to access the island to its present size of 11 acres to expand. Over 1,000 tons of boulders and trees were to be from China, South Africa and the Himalayas exported to an entirely new landscape for Disney's new attraction "Treasure Iceland" arise. As a "Treasure Iceland" Disney opened on April 08, 1974, the island for visitors. You could either go with a direct drive from one of the resort dock on the island or as part of the "Walt Disney World Cruise" which was a tour of the seven lakes. The name enstand by a pirate movie of the same name from 1950. Due to the various exhibitions of animals but the pirate theme has been largely overlooked in the island. And in 1978 called the Disney Park, dan recognized as a zoo, a further aud in "Discovery Iceland" and devoted himself exclusively to the rich botanical exhibition of the island and all information about the topic pirates lost by time. Charles Cook, chief curator of the park, was often seen when the protection efforts and the keeping of the animals were discussed on the island, as he posed with birds before Puplikum and television broadcasts. The care and keeping of the animals was a very public and important component attempts. 1981 Disney's conservation efforts have been recognized. The facilities on the island were known for the last haunt of the "Dusky Seaside Sparrow" (Eng. Dark Sea Sparrow) who died in 1987 and then in 1990 declared worde for officially extinct. 1989 filed by the prosecution orange-Osceola and a US attorney from Orlando 16 indictments, which were directed against Charles Cook and four other members of the Discovery Iceland. They were accused of mishandling of vultures and other wild birds, destruction of Ibis-, and Egret nests and the shooting of Habischten and hawks. According to the testimony of employees vultures had angefriffen other animals on the boardwalk, the hawks, and owls Habischte had attacked pigeons and herons and ibises were too loud. During the investigation, a 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 7 feet high metal flake was found who was without ventilation, water, perches and Window. On the floor there was old feces, rotten food particles and springs. Koch, one of the employees told investigators that up to 72 vultures were held in this shed and when the officers found the shed were only 19 vultures available and one of them dead. Jim, the manager of Discovery Iceland told investigators that even Zerstörrung the vulture was talk. These discoveries were a major blow to Disney and yet they were able to get the park in a respectable Weiser on. In 1999, Disney decided debuted after the Animal Kingdom, to close the park. Was closed the park to the public for reasons unknown at 08.April 1999, but was operated until the relocation of the Animals by Animal Kingdom or in other zoos to 09.Juli 1999 on. Disney wanted after the closure of the park, the island, redesign with the cooperation of the creators of Myst video game as "Myst Island" for the guests. Visitors should then explore unusual locations on the island redesigned and ventilate confusing secrets about the former island residents. However, this project never got beyond the conception phase. There are reports that in 2009 a certain Shane Perez was swimming with his reunden under cover of darkness to the deserted island over there and they abandoned buildings, cages, snakes have konseriert in glasses and found old photos of former employees moment during their visit. Since the 4-year statute of limitations had expired Florida for trespassing, were against Shane Perez us his friends taken any legal steps. He was also the last known visitors to this island. While it is every now and then heard the secret nocturnal visitors with boats quietly to the island drive up to explore it, but otherwise Discovery Iceland is after his long history of Umbennenungen and yet quite negative headlines for a spooky and creepy ghost island become.
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