The station ruins of Espenhain

The railway line from Böhlen Rötha about to Espenhain was a side track and was opened in May 1913th For the pit Magarethe who was in Espenhain at the time and had its own railway siding, 1938, a power plant and a briquette factory was built at the end point in Espenhain, which has been expanded even after the end of WW2. With this growth of industry and the route Espenhain won growing importance in passenger and freight traffic. Due to the high importance of this railway line was electrified as one of the first in East Germany in the 1960s and could accommodate the electrical equipment already 1961st In 1989, after Zusammnbruch the GDR, the briquette factory and the power plant Espenhain decommissioned, whereupon the railway lost its significance. In May 1993, the last few travel the railway Espenhain was converted to rail replacement and shortly completely decommissioned daruf and converted from KP 5.8 in a non-public railway siding, its operation from 2005, "Railway Construction and operating company" took over. Today runs on the railway line only the freight and remains a forgotten station ruins.
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