The Old Post Office Station Leipzig-Schönefeld





The mailing Station Leipzig-Schönefeld was from 1912 to 1994 a major hub of the Central German railway mail traffic. Already in 1851 the first railway mail cars were on the route Leipzig-yard used. Until 1867, the Royal Saxon left post make 25 Bahnpostwagen, which had a very smooth running, good ventilation, suspension and lighting even during standstill. Beginning of the 20th century the ever increasing post the old Leipzig delivery systems could not cope. The construction of a new and central post station on the south Schönefelder hallway was so decided. This hallway was then on 1906 fields, meadows and operated "Bad Rohrteich". Fields and meadows were formed on a total of 58.000m². The pond was filled. 5,000,000 Mark, the former construction costs amounted, including the acquisition of land. Three years before the opening of the Leipzig Central Station as the post office train station was commissioned in 1912. The main building has a covered returnable bottles of 16,000 and is 200m long. The achtbogige hall of the applied stub terminal object contains 26 tracks and 16 platforms. Up to 90 Bahnpostwagen found their place here. he was the biggest railway mail attachment to those times. The mailing Station had its own water and electricity supply, especially for a motor power plant was built which was equipped with two 120 hp and 250 hp diesel Motos. It involved extensive Geländeaufschüttungen for the comb-shaped aufgefäscherten track network. Split with stations was in a preusische and Saxon half. 1913 year of operation in the postal station 10.4 million bags were handled outgoing and incoming packets 4.8 million. There are a further 36 million pieces in transit. Over time, the Leipzig post station was constantly expanded and improved technically. 1936 large extension was completed at the Rohrteich road. With the transformation of Deutsche Bundespost in the German Post AG asked this a web mail throughout the country and moved the Posttranzporte on the road and in the air. Since then, parts of the railway post office Leipzig delegated tasks is taken over by the freight center Radefeld. The web site of the former railway postal Leipzig is a listed building.

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